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Hi, I'm Rocchetta Galifi,

a successful Transformational and Spiritual Life Coach and more!

I am also a Professional Business Mentor,

your Reiki Healer and a Certified Aromatherapist in London.

My mission is to serve humanity,

love unconditionally and inspire individuals to live a fulfilled and balanced life using natural, revolutionary, and profound holistic approaches that revive and restore not only your wellbeing but also your health,

and create long-lasting transformational changes.


I was born in Caltanissetta, a city in the mountains of central Sicily. I grew up in a small village called Ravanusa, in the province of Agrigento, in the southeast of Sicily, about an hour away from Caltanissetta.

Ravanusa is famous for its impressive production of many different types of grapes, lemon, and orange trees.


This explains the passion and love I have for wine tasting, for Limoncello (my favorite), and Mother Nature.



My friends and family call me by a unique nickname. They call me Rocky. You might be wondering why Rocky? Well, I have my dad to blame for that! When I was little, he always called me Rocky, that's how it began, and Rocky has stayed with me ever since. 

I love my nickname; it's simple and unique and it's easy to remember, a strong and powerful name reflecting a few characteristics of my being and persona.

During my childhood, I used to spend quality time in the countryside of Licata, a place in the sun by the sea where my family had a villa.

Licata is such a beautiful and wild location, giving you here some more clues to a few characteristics of my personality.

I left Ravanusa at the age of 18.

I was like a flower that hadn't yet bloomed.

Deep inside I knew something bigger had to happen in my life.



I moved to London in 2005, yes London,

one of the most diverse cities in the world, where there are literally hundreds of cultures and ethnicities living in the capital:

different races, creeds, and sexualities plus theatre, music, literature, cinema, art, fashion, nightlife, and so on. London had everything I wanted in life back then.

For over 16 years I worked for a company called Pret a Manger, the well-known coffee and sandwich shop where every product is fresh and genuine. Currently, I'm still working at Pret and I feel extremely grateful that I have joined Pret's family as I have acquired the skills, the confidence, the strength, the business, and professional knowledge I needed to create the life I have always wanted.



Climbing the corporate ladder year on year,

I started my career as a member of the team looking after Pret customers. I soon became a General Manager of one store, eventually an unbeaten Group Manager of more stores and today, I am the most successful Operations Manager with huge experience of running shops and teams located in the heart of the West End. I look after the success of many Pret shops, with huge teams of diverse people in areas such as Oxford Circus, Piccadilly and Leicester Square and I'm currently working in the Regent's Hall area.

Surely, this opportunity to look after the success of extremely complex operations with challenging customer profiles in such a touristic area has enabled me to build resilience and inner strength during the most challenging year of 2020.

I absolutely love working at Pret. I always have the passion and enthusiasm for looking after the personal and professional growth and development of ambitious individuals who are always striving towards the next accomplishment in their career and life. I've been helping thousands of people to succeed for over a decade.

This experience means that I can honestly say that I have become a reliable and experienced Coaching Professional, specialising in working with individuals and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life changes. I believe each of us deserves to live a more conscious, happy and beautiful life.

During my time at Pret, I have cultivated so much passion for people, and also a passion for traveling solo around the world. In fact, every single year I have traveled to different countries.


Asia remains one of the biggest adventures of my life; many little breakthroughs happened to me there while visiting poor and scattered remote locations.

When I first started travelling solo, only then did I realise, that being able to embark on a solo experience was a way to escape from a chaotic city life. I was running away from a burned-out life and busy corporate job, too exhausted to deep-dive and immerse myself in a more authentic and real way of living. I needed to get out of the crazy city.

I had always travelled Asia during wintertime, knowing that in London was extremely grey and cold while in Asia it was always summertime.

The older I get, the more I miss home - my roots, the sun, and so much more: my family, the food, my culture, my freedom. In the last ten years, I have explored Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bali; also I have been to the Maldives, Cuba and so many other places... I have experienced deeply every lesson life had to give me, and always, something inside me was telling me I needed to explore further. There's nothing quite like discovering a new place on your own – taking it all in with no one but yourself.

These days, we're constantly bombarded with stimulation - relentless connectivity with others, as well as the internet. Rarely do we get the chance to sit with ourselves and simply be. Solo travel provided me the opportunity to do just that. Being on your own in a new place serves as a permission slip to slow down, without the distractions you feel buzzing around you when traveling with companions. Being truly alone, and really embracing the whole, is a wonderful way of living.

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Life is losing its meaning every moment, every single day - and it is more demanding than ever before. We live life without a sense of direction and purpose and, as fewer people prioritise self-care and wellbeing, so illness, disease, and dissatisfaction are becoming more prevalent in our society. For thousands of years, ancient peoples have understood that to be "healthy", we must pay attention to all three aspects of our nature: the unity of our MIND, SOUL, and BODY. Trust me when I tell you -I've been there. I felt stuck, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, stressed-out, trapped, miserable, deeply hurt from hiding my True Self ... but I never gave up. Deep inside I knew that eventually, my life could change entirely in a matter of a moment.

Taj Mahal


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Three years ago, during my solo travel through Asia, I spent some time in Cambodia where I had the greatest pleasure to meet a wise stranger who changed my life in the matter of a moment.

One day I was walking by the seaside and I met a yogi from India who had been traveling for over sixty years of his life. If I remember rightly, he was called something like Maharishi. He was 88 years old and had only one leg; he had no possessions, no belongings, no attachments. He was staring out across the sea eating a corncob with so much enjoyment but also with passion, attention, and dedication. He was observing it while he tasted it, and I got curious.

As an excuse, I asked if I could take a picture or a video of him. In exchange, I would have offered my water and some cash. I took the picture and then I got myself a corncob from the stall by the edge of the beach and went back to be with him. He asked if I had a moment to enjoy the corn together, so I said yes and I sat next to him for a while, enjoying the sweetcorn in silence.

He wouldn’t talk, neither would he look at me, but he would sense, feel the energy surrounding us.

I felt it too, so peaceful.

Eventually, he said to me:

“I don’t want your money; I will accept your water, indeed that’s more precious than any other possessions.”

I started eating my corn again, and then he said, “Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself. Sister, why are you carrying so much pain? Why are you holding on to things you don’t need? Just relax, breathe, appreciate how much enjoyment you are getting from that baby sweetcorn.”

I was astonished and mesmerised by the slow way he was eating that corn. As for me, I wanted to devour it fast!

We sat a long time in silence, and he would eventually randomly say something, so I needed to pay attention to his message.

“Sister, you have divine energy in you, pure and essential to the universe and humankind and you have a powerful positive aura; you can use this energy to heal yourself first and then others.

We have finally met; I have been looking for you all of my life. My mission is ended now, and I leave it to you.”

Such a random man! My initial reaction was:

What the hell is he talking about? I felt confused and I was shocked. But I spent the rest of the day beside him, most of it in silence, contemplating his messages, although I really didn’t get it at first. Now I can still hear his voice and his messages inside me, and I can clearly recall the deep conversation we had.

This very old man, barely able to walk, questioned in such a poetic way every single aspect of my life, and importantly, I must admit that no one ever before had ever questioned me so profoundly. He touched my soul, enlightened my path, he reached my inner light in the matter of a moment. He gave me a reason, a purpose, he went above and beyond anything I knew of life. He showed me the path, made me listen to my inner tempest; he really made me think about patience.

Then he said I would be able to meet him again the day after for the last time or perhaps in another life. But I never met him again.

Oh my… it felt like I’d had the most terrific conversation with God.

From that day on, my life significantly changed.



My spiritual journey began in 2018 after encountering Maharishi. At this point, I began to question my life intensely as I understood I clearly needed to regain my super-power.

My life was extremely out of balance.

Work, work, work, and only work.

Work no longer gave me the inner growth, the inner peace I was seeking, and I was stressed. So, during this time, I mastered mindfulness, taught myself about spirituality and the power of our healing energy, also learned more about meditation and how to deep-dive into the most important part of me, the one who matters most - my True Self.

Spiritual awakening is a remembering.

It is not becoming something that we are not. It is not about transforming ourselves.

It is not about changing ourselves. It is a remembering of what we are as if we'd known it long ago and had simply forgotten.

Thank you, Maharishi for the lesson.



I simply want the world to understand and figure out that magic comes from within and not from an outside source.

It all begins with awareness. Listening to your voice within, your intuition is your best guide. Your intuitive voice is there to protect you,

to lead you in the right direction, to keep you on the upward spiral. When something feels wrong, most likely it is wrong. Listen to your gut. Know your worth. You were born with a purpose. You may not know the purpose yet, but if you listen to your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction and the answers you seek will come. The universe will show you your path. Trust the journey. Have faith and patience. Keep your heart open and live with love, passion, and a firm belief that all your dreams will come true.


After telling you a part of my story, now I am asking you also:

What is holding you back?


I assure you I will guide you to experience the power of transformation, the real core essence of my personal coaching and healing philosophy.


Namaste and happy travels.


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